Citra new updates issue

Citra nightly program is gone after i updated to the latest one in Win 10

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This is from a old school emulator user, don’t mind me.

See if this is related to your issue first: Cannot find Citra

If it’s not:
Open up file explorer and type %localappdata%/citra/nightly into the address bar. Press Enter and it should take you to the citra folder. There should be a file called citra-qt.exe in there. That’s the file for opening citra. Let me know if it’s not there.

This issue doesn’t have anything to do with that. Please stop directing users to a post that doesn’t even make any grammatical sense. You’re not helping them, you’re confusing them. Your method would also cause them to lose their current save progress from the regular installtion version. We’d have to port those over, creating even more work.

@SleepingSnake I edited my posts, old school.

I get that you’re trying to help, but you’re misunderstanding the issue here.
The installer used to install the citra-qt.exe related files inside a folder called nightly-mingw or citra-mingw inside C:\Users\ {your username} \AppData\Local\Citra. Meaning the citra-qt.exe file would be in C:\Users\ {your username} \AppData\Local\Citra\nightly-mingw or \canary-mingw.

The recent update only changed the name of the folders canary-mingw and nightly-mingw to canary and nightly respectively. However, for windows, that means the previous shortcuts, which led to the citra-qt.exe file inside the mingw folders instead, no longer works. Some windows versions automatically delete shortcuts that no longer lead to anything. Which is why people say they’re citra’s are getting deleted.

As for your save files and the like, nothing changed there for the regular installation. It’s still saved to C:\Users\ {your username} \AppData\Roaming\Citra. It’s therefore left untouched and should simply be usable again right after launching citra from the new canary or nightly folder.

This is why your method right now is not very useful for these people. Backing up their save files and the like serves no use for solving their current issues and directing them to do so causes nothing but confusion.

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k, I am old school with emulators.