Citra night pokemon night cheats won't work

When I put a cheat code and turn it on, It won’t work!
Someone please help me.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Cheats work just fine on my end on our Nightly version. Please make sure your cheat code matches the update version of your game. Cheats requiring button presses also currently don’t function in Citra.

Are cheats that require a button press combination still broken? I feel that might be his problem if that is the case.

Kind regards - Itchy

As I said, they still don’t ^.

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Interesting enough, my Citra Nightly is actively working with button clicks.

I am running pokemon Y.

Example: Hold R to walk through objects l, works.

Hold L and Start to activate shiny pokemon, works.

I am curious of the fact I am using a PS4 controller has to do with it working.

What Pokemon game are you running?

What version of the game are you running?

Are you running EU or US version?

Are the cheats reflecting the same version you are trying to run?

Did you copy and paste the cheats one by one or did you get the list from a repository on GitHub?

Did you go into Citra directory and paste the cheat document directly in?

There are a lot of cheats that require button presses that don’t work. Regardless of their input method, game region and version. This is most notably the case in games other than the Pokemon games. Though there are still a bunch of cheats requiring button presses from the pokemon games that also don’t work. I haven’t bothered to test them all. Only sometimes now and again when someone posts the cheat code here or in the discord server I test it out. That’s the only reason I know they sometimes don’t work.

hi snake
i need your help it danball senki wars it keep on crashng i need your help plz and when i press the a button keep on crashng

Since this isn’t related to the this topic’s issue, please open up your own support topic for this issue so that we can track it better.