Citra nightly 1177 QR code

I Can’t use QR codes, i’ve already make they minors, already tried to read they, already tried put in image on configurations, but i still can’t scanner the QR Codes (I use Citra nightly 1177, In portuguese BR)

System Information

  • Operating System: windows 7
  • CPU: I don’t know how to see that
  • GPU: DirectX
  • Citra Version: Nightly 1177
  • Screenshot of Issue:

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Sorry, i didn’t understand the tutorial :sleepy:
Can you help-me ?

Resize your QR code image, to the same size as these:

you have to do that because the QR scanner looks at a square at the center of the screen, a default QR code image is too big so it must be resize of fit the scanner region.

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I’ve already tried to do that, but is don’t working…

And, how did i put the QR codes in Citra?

I must to make like this ?

Yup, just make your QR code fit the same dimensions.

I can’t use the code i downloaded?

Citra camera behaves just like the real 3DS camera, while citra allows you to trick the camera into reading an image, it will do just that, QR code scanners in any game tells you to position your QR code into the QR scanner region, by simply putting a QR code image, it will look like this:

which is way outside the scanner region, so you must edit an image with the QR code on its center to fit the scanner region. that is something you must do yourself. the 3DS camera has many other uses besides QR code scanning.

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Like this?

Open the scanner and see if its about the size of the scanner region.

I have the same problem


I get the same problem but I don’t know how to center it and I tried resizing it and it doesn’t work