Citra Nightly 4f23d5d

I’ve been waiting for the new version for Citra to come out just so that the camera could be connected.

So I’m playing Pokemon SM, USUM and as many of you know, there’s this feature of QR code scanning. I’ve been waiting for quite some time to get the right update so that I can finally start scanning. So I open up the game, do the settings, open the game, go to QR scan, yata-yata-yata, and when I’m scanning the QR code, it doesn’t want to scan it. I’m there holding my phone in front of my laptop camera hoping the code will scan or something.

Is this just a problem in the update or is it just me?

Btw: my laptop is Mac OS Mojave 10.14.1… hope that helps

makes sure that your webcam image isn’t reversed, you can flip it on the camera settings, make to sure to flip camera that the game is using (i.e: front or rear).

alright so i have put my camera on front cause thats the only camera i got at the moment. in the settings, does the camera have to be flipped vertically?

One way to tell if the camera isn’t inverted is to go in-game, point the camera at your QR code and see if the three squares on the camera matches the ones on the QR code.

How can we change the camera configure?
Im playing ultra moon with citra nightly 1168 but i dont have the camera configure.

you’ll need to download a newer version with the camera feature.

also i’ll check with the QR code and the 3 squares matching thingy.