Citra Nightly save file issue

i have just recently started using citra and i have found it very fun and i am still working out some of the kinks. Like for instance i am trying to make my citra portable as i am very much on the go so i have followed multiple previous threads but have been unable to do this.
Basically i am trying to put my save files into my USB and then use this USB to play at home and when i am not home and i want this USB to contain my previous save file which is on my home computer and i also want this USB to have any save files i make from that point onward and not save on the computer

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Run Citra in portable mode by copying your user folder into %path_to_citra%/user

how would i do that? so far i have changed the game directory but that doesnt do anything and i have added the SDMC files to my USB to see if that makes a difference but it doesnt

In your USB, create a folder called “Citra”. Manually download Citra & extract the files there. Create a folder named “user” inside “Citra”. Put everything inside %appdata%/Citra into the user folder. Voila! You are in portable mode. Plug in your USB, open the “Citra” folder, run citra-qt.exe, do whatever you like, eject USB, do the same thing on any computer you like, you won’t lose any progress.

i have done all of the above steps but is it possible to use a save i have on my computer i know it is in the sdmc folder and is there a way to put this on the USB and make citra load that save?

No. I don’t think so. Not absolutely sure.

But if i play the game now the saves will be on the USB rather then on the computer right and i can just plug the game into any computer turn on the game and it will continue progress from where i last saved on the USB?

Yes. Precisely. All your data, saves, config, logs, everything, will be in the USB.
You don’t even need to install Citra. The program should also be in the USB.

Oh then that makes everything a whole lot easier thanks for the help i appreciate it a lot

ok so right now i am playing it on my pc which is where i started playing the game and got furthest in it and it loads to the point where i last saved even though i am playing from my USB. is this meant to happen and if so then if i save on the pc will it save to the USB at this exact point or not?

If you created the user folder properly, yes.

So i have tried this multiple times fixing the user folder but it is still not working i am having to restart the whole game

Can you provide a screenshot of the folder on your USB flash drive with the Citra executable?