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So, I was playing pokemon Y on citra nightly version 1643. Then, as soon as I click update which I kind of thought would give me an issue, I go into load state and it says array size too short. So is there any way to downgrade back to 1643? Im currently on 1644 and my old saves aren’t working.

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I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

Save states break when you load them on a different citra version than the one you created them on. You can find older citra versions on github:

Thanks! I downloaded the version I originally had but how do I use that download?

How do I use that version once I have it downloaded?

You download the version for your OS. Then unzip it using winrar or 7zip. Inside the extacted folder, launch citra-qt.exe

There is no specific OS and I can’t find citra-qt.exe even when I search it up inside the file.

Because those weren’t compiled. You didn’t use those. Look for nighty 1636.

thanks it worked! sorry I don’t know much about it but again, thanks.