Citra Now Has A Game Compatibility Wiki!



That’s really great and helpful! Is there any way we can help you guys on editing this list?:kissing_heart:

you can test out games you own and report back how well they perform

Make sure that people test it without say its 100 percent playable. Playing it through will be helpful to find the bugs or not and report to this Compatibility wiki. I hope that people here do not screw it up and say it is 100 percent if they just run it without playing it through. Know what I am saying. :slight_smile:

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What should be put if a game is playable in Bleeding Edge, but not on master?
Could you add an ‘ALL’ option to the region options?

The Bleeding Edge is not supported, and may be considered for use in the compatdb at a future date.

What would “all” accomplish? Each region still has different titleids.

Alright, could it be mentioned as a potential workaround in the wiki section, or no mention at all?

Some eShop games have the same titleID across regions (Pokemon Picross for example).

We’d prefer for the focus to be on the Nightly build, and not mention it as a workaround.

I’ll bring it up and see what they think :slight_smile:

I am trying to test the game for this Compatibility wiki but I cannot find where to write it.

Take a look at - that has all the info you need.

Alright, well I’ll just go ahead and open a PR. Not really sure what else you’d do for region free games, and it’s not like it’s hard to change it to something else if you guys request it.

In near future all the games of Citra will be in perfect mode without workarounds requests?

i say about 2-3 years for example

The aim of Citra is compatibility - the hope is that all games should work completely in the future. Bugfixes and increases in accuracy are commonplace.

It is not fair to give a exact time scope - Dolphin has been around for ~10 years and still isn’t there (though they are doing a great job in that regard).

Whatever great job for compatibilty list and for the emulator.

I don’t know for sure since Kid Icarus: Uprising isn’t playable… The same for Street Fighter IV. Maybe 5 years at least is possible.

Wow Cool it’s getting more interesting now

Is Citra compatible with smartphone, whether iOS or Android? Except PC.

No. Citra is only on PC, Mac and Linux.

The list of compatibility game must update.Some games more work perfect as Dragon Ball Fusions