Citra Now Has a Patreon



I’m not usually one to comment on these kind of things on a forum, but I wanted to get some clarification on some things.

  1. On the Patreon Page, you say that there will be a dedicated Patreon Discord Server for $10+ Patrons. Is it possible that the discussions had on this server could influence the development of the emulator? I ask because I’m worried that in the future the larger community’s opinions will become second class to the paying members.

  2. Will the “Exclusive News” become public at a later date, or will it remain private for the foreseeable future?

  3. Will the greater community have any say at all in the “Development Polls” or is this something that is entirely exclusive to Patrons?

Despite these slight worries, I have no doubt that there is nothing nefarious with the Project. I just wanted some concrete confirmation on those few questions.

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  1. The emulator is designed by many different people, and some will likely use the Patreon channels for design feedback or much earlier discussions about ideas. The regular processes for discussion still remain in place - PRs still have to be reviewed (which can be done by anybody) and merged, and development channels still remain open.

  2. Feature updates will always written up on our blog, as well as other major stuff. The kinds of exclusive news you would be looking at would be footage of new games running, or sneak peeks of new features coming. All of this stuff will end up in a public blog post at some point anyway, this is just a means of giving supporters a sneak peek into the internals of the machine.

  3. See my answer to 1. Patreons will be given a more direct line, but this doesn’t negate pre-existing feedback loops.

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I’m always conflicted in these kind of things. On one hand I get that you need money in a world that is ran by it. But on the other hand can money easily corrupt. Causing drama among the contributors because some think they didnt got their fair share.

I can see how this could attract more talent but also how it could scare many away.

“Core membership will be established based on a combination of tenure and activity.”

How do you plan on deciding this? Voting from other core members, decisions by main leaders, or something else?

Probably some objective-based criterion with some subjective criterion;
a period of activity for a few months
at least a few updates
has communicated with x team members
resolved y issues

sustained activity of consistent input / infrequent large updates / changes additions
with strong significance (deemed by others, and users)

I’m guessing it will be equally shared since it is objectively difficult to give a preferential value function that says only one individual did the most and to constantly track this, and not give a monetary incentive for consistent and constant work and would minimize any sort of disputes or tensions as these are ‘validated’ core members that have worked without any compensation and continue to do so.

I don’t really think anyone would dedicate their expertise, time and knowledge to this project solely for being in a ‘membership’ of getting some monetary compensation, but this form of compensation does help justify and reduce the opportunity costs of developers not having to freelance or do a side job or project to a limited extent or a ‘reward’ to feel more engaged with the project, so I feel this is beneficial overall as long as any bureaucratic elements of the system can be minimized and consensus can be reached without any ‘overarching’ problems if the donations get very exuberant.

We’ve waited months for a Progress Report and instead a money donation page is posted? This is a disappointment for the community.

hey just a quick question so my linux download isnt working is it something to do with my version can u help me

Please create a new support topic and fill out the template. Thanks.

Well as free user, I will support the best I can.

So maybe i’m wrong, but straight up putting “Creating an emulator” as your patreon reason will probably just make this all easier for nintendo to find and find a reason to go after.

Not really. That Patreon description is pretty common among emulators IIRC, and, concerning Citra in particular, there isn’t much reason for Nintendo to “go after” it.

If the Citra team has a Patreon account, what’s the point of ads on the website?