Citra Official Controller Support Please

Hello Community,

I would like to ask, if there are any plans to include Controller Support directly into Citra?
I know there are alot of programs to use a controller, but all these programs have one big issue. There’s like no joystick sensitivity… I can’t walk slowly in games! This kills the complete fun (at least for me), like in Zelda, alot of things are almost impossible, but it’s more about that it feels just weird and bad while playing :frowning:

Are there any plans for a fix?

Thank you and greetings from Switzerland :slight_smile:

You can already do it, check for more details in this post: Temporary: Controller Configurations for Citra


So the joystick sensitivity works with this solution?

Edit: It worked! What a fast and awesome community! Thank you so much! :slight_smile: <3