Citra on 32-bit

Is there any possibilities of citra emulator on 32-bit will work properly like those on 64-bit? Just asking​:smiley::+1::wave:

The FAQ says:

Citra is actively tested and supported on various 64-bit version of Windows ( 7 and up) (…) We have no plans to support 32-bit operating system officially.

There are some reasons listed in this Thread.

Oh ok… I guess it’s time to give up on finding, emulators for 3ds. :sob::cry::sweat:

It’s a bad idea to support 32-bit for Citra since it’s just an emulator being worked by a group of random users and it can be very demanding if they’re going to do updates since it’s limitations can be a problem too. Every 7th gen console emulators are on 64-bit nowadays. (RPCS3, Cemu, Dolphin Emulator, Citra, Xenia)

Oh… Man… What a sad news…

32-bit died when AMD released their dual-core, 64-bit CPU (Athlon 64 X2) back in 2005 - pretty much every CPU since then has supported 64-bit :stuck_out_tongue: I think the last Intel CPU that was only 32-bit was the earlier versions of the Pentium 4.

Chances are your CPU does support 64-bit but you are running a 32-bit Operating System so all you have to is to install a 64-bit OS.

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I think a lot of the people requesting 32 bit versions are Windows XP holdouts who refuse to upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 10, and it’s only going to get worse for them as more and more emulators/programs/apps drop 32 bit support (Like Dolphin did with 5.0)

i have a 32 bit windows 10 touchscreen tablet which cant be upgraded to 64 bit lenovo miix 300, it can run 64 bit but you cant install it

Et comment on fait pour installé un système d’exploitation 64 bit

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To install 64-bit, you will need to like create a bootable USB with Windows installation on it and choose 64-bit. The drive needs to be reformatted in order to switch from 32-bit to 64-bit so make sure you backup any important files or they will be lost.

It hasn’t died in socialist countries with people that get paid 1.000.000 Bolívares, which is 1 dolar or less depending on which day (because the price keeps changing) and getting a good computer is not something accesible. Basically it hasn’t died just because you have 64-bits.

What is your CPU? If you have newer than Pentium 4 then you most likely have a 64-bit processor, all you need is to install a 64-bit OS. You can use Windows 10 for free, if you don’t mind the “activate windows” splash screen in the bottom right. You can also go the Linux route.

Please make a citra emulator for 32 bit.Please I very want to play 3ds game on 32 bit😭


32-bit is limited to 4GB RAM, it will never happen. You can upgrade to 64-bit by reinstalling Windows, this will wipe everything on the drive so make sure you make backups before you do it.


Please i need a 32 bit citra im so eager to play PKMN XY and Zelda games :frowning:

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Which platforms does Citra support?

We’re pleased to say that Citra works on all three major desktop OSes!

Citra is actively tested and supported on various 64-bit version of Windows ( 7 and up), Linux and macOS 10.13 High Sierra or higher. Other platforms may work, but aren’t tested by developers. In far future, mobile platforms may be targeted as well. We have no plans to support 32-bit operating system officially.
And read the FAQ next time

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Se eu sou ADM eu dava um ban em você só por falar de 32bits

Google Pixel devices are 64-bit and it can run Citra on Google Pixel devices. 64-bit Android exists including Google Pixel. Why Google Camera is only supported on Google Pixel devices. isn’t compatible with POCO.

32-bit Is discontinued. 64-bit has more color palettes than 32-bit. Citra isn’t compatible with 32-bit due to color limit

Je pense que tu devrais te retourner vers Google car içi c’est tout en anglais!
En gros, si tu changes ton système d’exploitation et que tu t’y connais pas, tu te lances dans un truc vraiment pas ouf, j’te conseil juste de trouver un équivalent sur le net, y’en à plein :slight_smile: !
Bon courage!
ScarLine, French Poster.

Trad for english persons: I think you should turn to Google because here it’s all in English!
Basically, if you change your operating system and you don’t know anything about it, you’re getting into something really bad, I just advise you to find an equivalent on the net, there’s plenty :slight_smile: !
Good luck!
PS:I answered this person in French to help him only, I know the rules of citra well and I know that it is necessary to speak there in English.