Citra on Patreon?

I am wondering whether you will ever make a patreon page. I’d love to support you a little, but I have neither coding skills nor a 3DS to give you. Also I am too poor as a student to afford a single relatively large donation.:unamused:
But I’d love to support you guys with a couple dollars a months via Patreon, and others, I hope, would like to, too. So will there be a good way to support you soon?


I’ve ranted about this far too often.

If you want to support Citra either use the donation information on the website (which I personally can’t recommend) OR donate to developers directly (which is not a donation to the project, but will still show appreciation for the individual developer).

It’s your responsibility to figure out where to put your money. In the past couple of years, hundreds of people were involved in the making of Citra. Splitting money is a complicated task, so you should do it for us. If the project receives money it will just sit in a bank account - so the money is essentially wasted at this point. For this (and other) reasons there won’t be an official project Patreon account either.

Try to figure out who does what / how much / if they even want a donation etc.

If you can’t figure out who to donate for I recommend spending to Wikipedia (knowledge related and everybody uses it), EFF (protecting developers and digital rights) or AGDQ/SGDQ (gaming related).

I’m happy about donations to me, but please read my entire Patreon campaign to make sure you are not donating to a wrong cause. My work is focused mostly on graphics emulation / debugging and user experience + community tasks + anything emu-politics related. I’ll focus on Xbox emulation again soon so I’m not sure how much time I’ll spend on Citra the next couple of months - currently I’m doing exams at Uni so I don’t have much time anyway.
That said, I intend to finish all my started Citra work (including Geomety Shaders if nobody does it before I get the chance)


I understand what you are saying about splitting the money but even if there are hundreds of people that contributed, there is a core group that has been developing citra for a long time. Most of the 104 contributors that appear on github have less than 10 commits, I dont think someone who made a couple of contribution in March 2016 deserves to be considered. Anyway I hope you reconsider and thanks for all the hard work.