Citra on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Hi, I am using a samsung galaxy s22 ultra and when i open a game with citra it freezes and i am sent to the app main menu.
Have you planned to support this new generation of CPUs?

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Please upload a log file.

Hi, I followed the procedure and an empty “citra_log.txt” file is generated. I attach another file, I don’t know if it can be useful.
citra_log.txt.old.txt (2.7 KB)

Thank you!

The log file is incomplete. Please follow these steps carefully:

  1. Restart the Citra app if it’s already running.
  2. Launch your game and encounter the problem.
  3. Shut down the Citra app (do not restart Citra as that will wipe the log file of important information!).
  4. Navigate to Internal Storage/citra-emu/log and upload the citra_log.txt file in this chat.

If the citra_log.txt.old.txt is bigger in file size than citra_log.txt, upload the old one instead.

Hi, I was able to get the log file before automatic restart of Citra after the crash. I hope that’s what you need.
citra_log.txt (14.3 KB)

Thank you!

Ah, this is the Exynos SoC with the AMD GPU variant. I’m afraid that this isn’t supported yet. Nor do I know whether we could (this GPU does not support OpenGL ES natively, it uses a project called ANGLE to convert OpenGL ES calls to Vulkan and then runs it like that). In any case, you’ll need to wait until we can get a GPU developer to take a look at this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Ok, thanks for the support.
Have a nice day!