Citra on Surface Pro 2017 I5?

I’m curious to know if it’s this machine has, or will have, what it takes to run this emulator with decent framerate.
For those who do not know, Surface Pro I5 is equipped with I5 - 7300U processor,
8 Gb of RAM and has a integrated GPU - Intel HD Graphics 620.

I tested a couple of games myself and they all seem to lag a bit, some more then others, but I assume it’s a normal occurrence for such a young emulator.

Intel CPUs with the U prefix have low power consumption, but also low single core performance, which is what Citra needs the most. You can play easier to run games with full speed, like OoT 3D.

Is it possible that performance of the emulator will improve over time, or maybe they will find a way to use multiple cores?

OoT 3D is an easier to run game?
What abou yokai watch and a new pokemon game?
Are those considerd demanding?

Yes, those two are considered demanding. Sure, you can try running them, but you won’t get good performance.

Oh well. Thanks anyway.