Citra: Online features doubts!

This emulator evolved until very fast. I did not think we’d have online features anytime soon. Do the developers plan to make the Citra emulator, interact with the 3DS console? For example, playing Multiplayer matches, Trading Pokémon in Pokémon games.
You guys are doing a great job with this emulator.
Grateful for the attention!

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The code name for this feature is kiwi. Subv has done some research into it, but it would likely require control over communication hardware at the driver level, and only work on Linux.


The online function in Citra is basically emulating “local multiplayer” through online, not actual “online mode”. Like, you can play local Sm4sh matches, but not actual online matches in online mode. So, it would take a while to link to actual 3DS consoles.

whats more likely to happen will be someone ports the citra protocol to the 3ds as a custom system module, then you can communicate with 3dses that have luma on there (and are running your custom system module)

Subv has a proof of concept for it (called kiwi because he really likes that name) but its a lotta work since citra’s code was written for ease of development and not for low memory environments like the 3ds.

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Forgot about that at the time of writing. :stuck_out_tongue: