Citra performance on the Harvest Moon games

Hi guys I’ve been trying to play the Harvest Moon game since few months now at first it was super laggy in most areas in the game and so unplayable for me, but recently the game opening video lag way less and I also notice a decent performance improvement in game not enough to be playable for me yet but I wonder in a few months or even a year if those games will be lag-free?

I also thought about getting a new PC you think it would help me get better performance? My PC is around 3 years old so I could easily get a PC twice as good.

there is no telling how long will it take to improve performance, right now the focus is on accuracy and any major performance updates will most likely come in the final releases of citra which will mostly take a very long time.

as for a new pc then the fastest single core cpu you can get is what you should go for, although don’t buy a pc just for citra use and stick to using an actual 3ds console.

on a side note some games will still run slow even if you have a great cpu

There’s no such thing as the “final release” as Citra with constantly be evolving and releasing. We are striving for accuracy before performance though.

Alright thanks guys. <3

I will get a new PC soon either way and I’ll try to keep in mind the CPU part and I do have the harvest moon games on my 3DS but I truly hate the small screen of hand consoles and also the horrible sound quality coming out of the console itself forcing you to put on headphone to have decent sound quality.

This is why I’ll wait for Citra to have better performance I’m in no hurry.

keep in mind that Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning still doesnt work