Citra Performance

1st i wana say thanks for this app so i can play pokemon OR on my PC.
im hopin there would be a better optimization, i have i5 3300 @ 3.00 ghz with 8g RAM
my graphic card: NVIDIA GTX 750 2giga memory

playin OR on 30-40 fps on the outside, while in battle it depends on how big or small my pokemon vs foe’s pkemon, constan 60fps on small vs small, then drop if big vs big or when mega evolve. about 40-50 feel really laggy and slow.

im hopin on future citra i can run constant 60fps in battle and outside without the need to upgrade my pc.

thanks again. God bless this developer team.

Citra’s main goal is not performance, but accuracy. The only performance increases you would see at this time are minimal, caused by added features.

so to increase the performance my self, i have no other option than up my processor? to like i7?
to have a solid fps during battle or outside. what is your suggestion?

You wait, there is nothing you can do unless you know how to code to contribute to the project (you’re always welcome to, it’s an open source project after all). No CPU on this planet can run all games at fullspeed, don’t waste your money trying to get performance from an emulator not even close to complete.

alright bro, thanks for the advice!