Citra personal huge improvement on my mac

Hi! I downloaded Citra 2 years ago for my iMac late 2013 (i5 4570R 2,7 GHz, turbo boost to 3,2 GHz, 8 GR RAM and Intel Iris Pro 5200 graphics) and games like PKMN Sun barely run at 3-7 FPS so I gave up.

But yesterday I came back and got the last nightly build, I was very surprised to see that with the hardware renderer I could run now PKMN Sun on 30 fps on the menus, 27-29 fps on interiors, 15-20 fps on exteriors and 20-24 fps on battles with animations. I also played the first 30 mins of Ocarina of Time at 29-30 FPS.

Just wanted to show some love on this improvement and ask If there’s a possibility on more performance upgrade or citra is reaching optimization peak? Can I expect to play games like Pokemon on 30 FPS someday or my specs aren´t too good?


Get the Canary version if you haven’t done so yet.
It has massive performance improvements over Nightly right now.

I’ve just downloaded it and I get practically the same performance. If I enable the shaders for the GPU instead of the CPU I get 100% speed but with a grey screen, the only thing that works is a very smooth sound.

I’m gonna try later with other games like Animal Crossing. Do you think that if I bootcamp and install windows it will get better?

That shouldn’t really make a difference in performance, no.