Citra plays MHXX much better now on my lower-end PC, what changed? Also is there a way to add the DLC to the ROM file?

So I previously made a post about how Citra was struggling to run MHXX (english-patched). It played at 30% speed on Canary and didn’t play at all on Nightly.

Then on a whim I updated Citra yesterday and the emulator runs MHXX at 80+% speed even with several monsters in the area that are jumping around.

Now that I can actually play the game (I can live with the not so great 3DS graphics magnified to my laptop screen size), is there any way to unlock the DLC on the ROM file or no? Certain monsters are sadly event-only (Hyper Metal Raths, Hyper Deviljho, and Savage Jho for just high rank alone), and I’d like to be able to hunt the monsters and earn the stuff instead of being forced to hack in the drops. The event quests are on the ROM file but require unlocks via DLC to actually show up.

DLC is on the save file so if you export it from your 3DS with DLC downloaded and copy-paste that save over to Citra the event quests will appear ingame.

But MHXX doesn’t have exclusive event quest monsters, that was only in MHGen.

I was not able to, I got the game file from elsewhere. I can see the event quest data when I open up the game file but have no idea how to turn it on.

And yes I believe certain monsters are DLC-only like Hyper Metal Raths, Chaotic Gore Magala, and Nuclear Brachydios in G rank.

Sorry you need to own the game. I’m unable to help you further.