Citra plays pokemon games in only about 20 fps. How high does the specs of my computer need to be?

When I play pokemon xy oras sun moon fps is only about 20 unless there’s no 3d models showing or I’m on battle. It becomes 30 fps during battle, which is about 100% speed.

I heard fps is affected heavily by gpu and cpu. So I guess my cpu and gpu are low specs.

This is my cpu.
intel® Pentium® CPU G3260 @ 3.30GHz 3.30GHz
memory is 8GB and windows 10 64-bit.

Gpu is Intel® HD Graphics Family.

How high does the specs of my computer need to be? Do I need to replace both cpu and gpu chips?

the answer to this over asked question in the FAQ, you need a cpu with the highest possible single core performance, also pentium with intel graphics?, i am surprised citra even works on that.

second point is if you want high fps then you will need high end hardware which is way much more expensive than just getting a 3ds or even 2ds.

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You forgot to mention that Citra itself will also be more optimized in the future. So chances are you current hardware is already good enough but it will take some time until Citra can fully utilize it (at which point you probably have better hardware already anyway).