Citra Pokemon Generstor

I have 273 Masterballs and 6 Hyperbälle. I want to Catch Samurzel in Pokemon Alpha Saphirre because IT IS only available in Omega Ruby. Of course i Play on Citra Nigjtly Build. Now i have all the Ressourcen, but i Just dont know what keyclmbination i need in Order for Samurzel to appears. Wegen i Go Konto the Gras randoms Pokemon appears bjt Not my Samurzel… anyone have an oder what Keys i have to Press when going into the Grass? Or do i need an extra cheat code for that? But i dont think i do, Masterballs should be enough right?

or if not pokemon go then via the transfer pokemon bank but I don’t know how it works :x

I think this was not all of your answer because you startet with or…