Citra Pokémon to Switch/ HOME

You might think, a similar topic already exists. But I’ve been thinking a bit… Ok, let’s put my situation in context first. Basically I got a legit Shiny Ralts/Gardevoir in my ORAS, and I intend to buy a Switch someday and I wanted to transfer this Pokémon to a Switch game and consequently to Pokémon HOME, but I saw that one of the few methods to either have or 3DS, or a cracked Switch, along with PkHex, and unfortunately I can’t afford to have a 3DS just to crack and I can’t afford to crack a Switch (the crack apparently only works correctly on older consoles and is still dangerous). Returning to the subject, I saw that there are numerous sellers on E-bay that sell shiny Pokémon 6IV and such. I have no idea how this works (if anyone knows, talk in the comments). But let’s say they use PkHex, seriously possible I, instead of buying Pokémon Shiny 6iv, choose to send my Pokémon file from AS, and it sends my Pokémon back to my Switch, making everything legitimate, without losing my status and information Pokemon this came straight from ORAS??? (It would be much easier to just order a Gardevoir Shiny 6IV, but I have an emotional attachment to my “Rem”…)

I don’t have a 3DS and I plan to buy the Switch.

This is Rem

I contacted the seller and YES it is possible!! Now I just have to find a Switch with a decent price…

It’s because you’ve essentially announced to the world that you had absolutely no legal way to play your 3DS games on Citra. The only legal way to play your 3DS games is to dump your own, legally bought 3DS titles through a hacked 3DS. You don’t have said hacked 3DS, so piracy is the assumption.