Citra - Pokemon ultra sun 1.2.. Cheat codes update?


I’m new to citra but …here go

So my main reason for coming here today is to ask community about getting cheat codes update for Pokemon ultra sun update to v1.2. there is only few cheat codes for v1.2 . is possible to get most of the v1.1 cheat codes upgrade to v1.2

if not possible let me know


Hello, I would love to help you, but my Pokemon Ultra Sun won’t work well, Mine was super laggy and if I use the cheat codes (it does work for mine) it lags like alot and then the moment I get my first pokemon boom it hangs (sorry I didn’t help you much):sweat_smile:


Thanks for relaying to the topic. Thank you


I know for a fact that Max money, all berries, all medicine, all z crystal, all tm/hms. and all items work on 1.2