Citra - Pokemon ultra sun 1.2.. Cheat codes update?

I’m new to citra but …here go

So my main reason for coming here today is to ask community about getting cheat codes update for Pokemon ultra sun update to v1.2. there is only few cheat codes for v1.2 . is possible to get most of the v1.1 cheat codes upgrade to v1.2

if not possible let me know

Hello, I would love to help you, but my Pokemon Ultra Sun won’t work well, Mine was super laggy and if I use the cheat codes (it does work for mine) it lags like alot and then the moment I get my first pokemon boom it hangs (sorry I didn’t help you much):sweat_smile:

Thanks for relaying to the topic. Thank you

I know for a fact that Max money, all berries, all medicine, all z crystal, all tm/hms. and all items work on 1.2

any help?

@Sebastien_Mendoza, when you need to create screenshots, use the PRINT key on keyboard, this will copy all pixels of your screen as a Bitmap in your clipboard. Then paste in Paint and save as PNG. If Citra has a builtin method to take screenshots I’m not aware of it yet.

Cheat codes modifies running game memory. That is dangerous by nature. We don’t have the game source code and we are guessing about the meaning of values in its memory. If you got that after trying a cheat code don’t insist. Chances are they don’t work for your ROM version.

I have encountering these issues before. I only can conclude that not all PokeMon games sharing the same title are the same code. There are small differences that result in different memory locations. For example, different translations may have different memory locations, and same cheat code doesn’t work.

Hi, i also having the same problem like you on my ultra sun, it’s happen to every battle related cheat. It’s there any solution to it

Use universal randomizer to change your location

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alguien sabe si se pueden escanear códigos qr en pokemon xy?

im legit and google says no :V

none of those codes work

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Hey u can use the 60fps cheat and set every other setting to default

Err,My Save File Gets Corrupted When I Use Max Money.Any Idea How To Fix It?

The only way it works is when you have no saves for the game yet. Make sure all saved data is deleted and then enable the max money code and it will work. :+1: - I figured this out after tons of trial and error on my part for it :slight_smile:

Hi! I know I’m late but have you tried PKHex? it really great application you can customize your own team party and even you can max money, items, berries, z-crystals and other stuff! Oh! and you can also customize your main character too, want to know how to open the file in PKHex? sure! I’ll help you!
First, open file and go to Users>Your name file>AppData>Roaming>Citra “if you have it”>sdmc>Nintendo 3DS> click on file 00000000000000000000000000000000> again click file 00000000000000000000000000000000> then click “title”>click on file 00040000> click on any pokemon file data for e.x file “001b5000 is PKM US” > click “data”> click on file 00000001> and finally click the main file and horay! you can now customize your game data!!!
Second, want to customize your main character? Sure no problem! Go to SAV box and click trainer info and go to overview if you want to max money or misc if you want to change your main character appearance. Ah, btw you can play with your illegal pokemon on story mode not online.

I’m bad at english but I hope it will be useful for you :slight_smile:

NOTE: If you click on complete pokedex on PKHex your game data will be error or corrupted so be careful!

Edit: I forgot about saving file go to File and click Export SAV and now you can play!

The codes still dont works