Citra Progress Report - 2017 August



Awesome work! I always look forward to these progress reports, and Citra gets better and better by the day! Keep it up :+1:

It’s not just me but almost 70% of citra users wants Pokemon X and Y to be fixed(From bad to atleast great).I don’t about you’ll guys but I’m a kind of guy who prefers playing games from the first version to the last.In terms of 3ds games Pokemon X and Y was the first ever version to be released on Nintendo 3ds.For instance It’s not like I’m going to play Sun and Moon first and then X and Y(just because Sun and Moon works perfectly on citra).I appreciate the time and efforts put in by the Citra Builders to making this project a success.I hope you’ll resolve this issue ASAP.

The thing is that developers are not interested in researching about this issue. This is a open source project, which means everyone can contribute in fixing this issue. (Even you)

@RS_TechStudios I don’t think you have the right to come here and ask any games to be fixed ASAP. You’re not paying the developers anything and they have no obligation to do that for you. The least you can do is congratulate them on their current progress. It’s already a bonus that they’ve got Sun and moon working.


@Equals2nine more than demanding, i think he is showing politely a hot topic for all the fans about Citra, sure we are not paying and of course they all have our gratitude and respect for their work, but is not a secret there is a lot of people waiting to play Pokemon X and Y (i’m expecting that for example), i hope they look for this, it would be nice.

Hi guys, first of all, thanks for your hard work and dedication in order to improve Citra, its amazing how much have been upgraded the software. i know is a recurent topic for you and even kinda annoying, but i wanna know if there is something you can do about Pokemon X and Y, is not a secret that pokemon games are the most popular and wanted games in the world, and would be nice if we can get that one working, if its posible then i and many more in the world would apreciate that, anyway, thanks for all you have doing and i hope you guys can do something about it.

If someone knew how to solve this, would be already solved.

It’s not a secret that the Pokémon fanbase is the most annoying group of people in the world too.

This is an OPEN SOURCE project, stop asking for nonsense stuff like “fix this or that”, either learn how to code and help the project or just wait until it’s fixed, repeating the same thing over and over again (use the search function if you want to know how frequent this topic is and how the answer is always the same for obvious reasons) will not help anyone, this will just make people angry.


@aldobucs Polite or not, that is not the point. The fact that he is demanding a game to be fixed is wrong and selfish. Why? Because this is an open source project with relatively few contributors who are working very hard and passionately, yet people like him are coming along, asking for more due to their selfishness to play a game illegally but can only contribute a thanks. It’s like asking a marijuana scientist to supply you top-quality cannabis for free when you should just read his published research paper and make your own. Or pay him to make it for you!

Why can’t he just be grateful that he can play Sun and Moon? Or rather, why don’t he go learn coding and fix the game himself? We need to stop being demanding, especially demanding illegal stuff to work like playing games on an emulator. The least we can do is congratulate the contributors.

Please just drop it here. This argument is going nowhere and is unrelated to this topic.