Citra Progress Report - 2017 June



And im here just waiting for a better performance on DragonBall Ultimate Mission X…

It’s so nice when we have progress reports on emulators to know how exactly are things progressing. It’s pretty hard to learn that from GitHub without being experienced in programming and emulation. Thank you guys for your work!

pokemon sun and moon i live to play you…

Wow, good news, guys. Very hard things were implemented.

any chance in the future, it can run ds games?

no, there are no plans for adding DS support and will never be, DS emulators already exist

Any progress in fixing Pokemon X and Y issues?

Nope. Nothing regarding X/Y has been fixed.

sun and moon neither

Awesome work guys, Citra and 3DS emulation has come so far and I’ve got you to thank for it!

Awesome job, team! Here’s to more success on the emu,

BTW, I guess it’s redundant, but you actually need a real 3DS to make it work, right? What files have to be ripped from the console? and how?

Read our FAQ.

Why when I download the emulator it says MSVCP is missing?

This is listed in the FAQ that I linked before.

This is answered in the FAQ. If you still have problems after following the instructions there, make a new support topic and don’t derail existing unrelated ones.

Good work but please we need a microphone feature, because there are some games that need it for example I was playing Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, and to defeat the Final Boss it need your voice to beat it please.