Citra Progress Report - 2017 P1



Woah! It’s so lovely see you all working so hard! :heart_eyes:

Just wanted to give a big thanks to the Citra team. As somebody with sight issues I can’t play games on a smaller screen, this is the only way I get to experience 3DS titles. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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Great work, nice to see u guys are active, please if u can work on Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X

We wish but you can’t ask which game you want to be playable. They are not like that.


When are you going to upload your next update video on your youtube channel.It has been 11 moths past :frowning:

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Hey… give us a break… We are writing an emulator, not trying to make a YouTube or marketing career.
There are a lot of video creators on YouTube showing how good Citra already works.

Also people repeatedly asked for blog articles (which are a lot less time consuming to make than videos, but still very work intense). Now we have a blog article but instead of getting the attention it deserves you still aren’t happy?

If you feel Citra needs more of (Insert item here) then you should work on it.
Citra is a community effort… @anodium volunteered to do this and I think you are being disrespectful towards her.

Again, thanks for the article @anodium :slight_smile:


I really want to test out the new citra emulator but the problem is getting the ROMs.Does citra have their own website to download original,non-copyrighted ROMs.Plz don’t suspend my account I just asking a really serious question.

Are you looking for homebrew applications?

scroll down into the games section to find homebrew games which are fine to download and test

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so are these the full version hombrew applications or just the demo? and lol rstechstudios asked the same question why did they suspend him?

No, he got suspended for piracy. Btw, you’re going offtopic here.

Oh my goodness, gamepad support? That will make things a lot easier for me in the games I play. Well, other than Etrian Odyssey, since I still need to draw the maps and stuff… but wow, this progress report info is great! Thanks so much for sharing! Maybe one day I’ll be able to help out in the future in some way.

Anyways, to everyone helping with Citra, whether it’s via blogs, development, testing, donating… whatever it is you do, please, keep up the awesome work~


Your Updates are good as usual. keep upgrading your game speed, BUT please support pokemon xy from the start please so we no longer need to google so many freaking unworking save file

Citra’s objective is not speed / performance, but accuracy / features.

If you really want the X / Y fix faster, you could do the fix yourself by fixing the code and putting the PR on our GitHub.

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The problem about x and y is when I talk to the professor and try to start my adventure the game freezes.The only solution youtubers suggest is to download a savefile and replace the savefile in the citra folder.I’m really hoping that citra resolves this issue quickly.

Citra just straight up is a weird emulator.These games have been out for soo long(pokemon x y and oras, they shouldve been able to fix little problems like this. I would expect most problems with sun and moon because that just came out but, I just played through moon on Citra with like no problems, yet the games like ORAS and X and y have problems.It freezes alot especially when I try to obtain something(like a starter).But it doesn’t mean I hate citra or something.There are working so hard make us play 3ds games for free.Love you citra :kissing_heart: #Peace

OR / AS are playable from start to finish with no issues. Same goes with Sun / Moon (excluding the champion battle with only 3 pokemons).

X / Y on the other hand, are not playable yet. The issue isn’t fixed yet, because nobody tried to even fix it.

BTW, this is going a bit offtopic with the Pokemon issues.

Finally getting around to test the emu again, so I’ll just drop by and say this: Thank You a unholy large lot. You’re doing great work. Sun is playable with over 70% speed now on my potato processor. This is all just thanks to your efforts!

the attacks were not showing in pokemon oras …is that fixed