Citra Progress Report - 2017 Q4


Also, I want to mention that I have a Patreon over here This Patreon is not affiliated with the official Citra project, this is just so I can personally afford to write these articles, as I’m juggling university and a part-time job on top of this. I am not mentioning this Patreon on the official Citra blog, to prevent misleading people and preventing conflict-of-interest on my part.

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So, there is a typo in the article:
“CXI executables can access the virtual SD card for DLC”

Is it? Do you mean CIA instead of CXI?

Wasn’t the shortcut for fullscreen F11, Alt+Enter doesn’t work.

i5 processor or AMD FX™-4300 Quad Core support please

But Citra already supports them.

Brick by brick, Citra will eventually be an accurate enough emulation of the Nintendo 3DS for most, if not all, uses.

Pretty sure it’s meant to be uses.

Oh sorry, I misunderstood.

Pokemon ultra sun working at 100% speed with 2x native resolution on i5 650 and GTX 1050ti😀

Hi, I’m new here I would like to thank you first for creating & updating this emu, there is though one issue I have & I wonder if there is any plans to fix that, Citra doesn’t support hot swap I learn that after I did some digging trying to find a solution to my prob, so if my controller disconnect for some reason I must restart Citra else it doesn’t work anymore, is it possible to fix that in some way? I’m sure many people have the same prob & it would be nice if you could do something about it, as I know this issue is a very old one I find post from people who talk about this over a year ago.

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I’m so grateful to citra’s programmer who develop this software.Thank you!

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