Citra Progress Report - 2017 September


Also, I want to mention that I have a Patreon over here This Patreon is not affiliated with the official Citra project, this is just so I can personally afford to write these articles, as I’m juggling university and a part-time job on top of this. I am not mentioning this Patreon on the official Citra blog, to prevent misleading people and preventing conflict-of-interest on my part.


greatly detailed as always, big thanks to everyone who contributed.

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Amazing progress as always. Keep it up!

Fantastically detailed as always. I always nerd out over these posts, given how they explain in-depth the commit notes I already nerd out to daily.

Curious if we’ll see CIA support in the next post? I’ve seen quite a few commits about it recently, although all my testing has failed to load, so I suspect it’s still somewhat “in the wings”?

Thank you so much for the update. It’s amazing to see this progress. Great job everyone!

CIA installation was broken for a while for Windows because there dev, shinyquagsire, tested on Linux and didn’t catch the issue, so it might work now depending on how long ago you tested. He has a PR open to add CIA installation through the command line, and I plan to finish the UI for it soon after.

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