Citra Progress Report - 2018 Q1



Nice article dude!!!

Keep it up @CaptV0rt3x! We needed this article. Hope you continue writing in the future too!

Is it possible to add hot swap feature in the emulator? atm if our controller disconnect we are ****** we loose our progress & we are forced to restart the emulator, can you plz do something about it?

Go to configure & click ok as a workaround for now.

This doesn’t help I have try everything once the controller disconnect there is nothing you can do other than to restart the emulator, going to configure & press ok in the input or anywhere else doesn’t help at all.

Is there no planned date yet to implemenent the Hardware Renderer feature into the Nightly builds?

This feature is already merged into Nightly. Keep in mind it is renamed to Enable Hardware Shader as explained in this progress report.

You can still use the keyboard to save your game…

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Thanks for your reply, this is great news! How about the other changes that are mentioned in this progress report?

They are all in Nightly. If it’s featured in the progress report (with the exception of multiplayer and hardware renderer update since those were explicitly stated to be only Canary at the time), it’s already in Nightly.

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Can you please explain me how can I do that? step by step, I currently play Fire Emblem Awakening in case it helps, what can I do to save my game if my controller disconnect during playing?

They mean to say to configure the Input with keyboard when it stops working and then save your progress. One of the main issues with controllers is the lack of support for hotplugging so when your disconnects, it when automatically connect back when plugged back in. BTW, you should do about your controller disconnecting.

heavy :kissing_heart: thx

Oh! I just tried what you said & I can indeed do that, it works, thx a lot for the help.

Hey, is there plans to implement microphone control or like a button to simulate blowing into a microphone etc? Some of the games like Phoenix Wright uses it. Now the only workaround is to export it to a 3DS which is causing some inconveniences, it would be a lot better if it could be done straight away in the emulator itself. Sorry for requesting for features like this, I’m just giving a feedback that might help all users in general :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’m having a problem with the last update, my citra is dupilicating de view. I mean, i see two screens (actually four). I try all the view modes and this not change. I play Citra in Mac. If anyone have an answer to this, please tell me!

looks like you enabled Stereoscopic 3D on Emulation > Configure > Graphics > Enable Stereoscopic 3D.

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Realy nice progres :smiley: , i want a little feature that will atract more people and make them more involved with the site and the emulator , Patch note ,seriously a little description wold be nice to every patch ,it doesn’t need to be detailed , just make it a reality :smiley:

Recently, we have been discussing how exactly a changelog would be implemented.