Citra Progress Report - 2018 Q2



And i thank you all for your hard work on citra, i honestly thought that development of citra would slow down due to the higher interest in yuzu.
Also i cant wait for the audio fix for citra (so games like pokemon x/y and fire emblem can run properly)


Citra is a pronominal emulator and I’m so glad to see it getting great and constant support!
What I personally would love to see is improvement on the fire emblem games. (mainly fates and shadows)
Keep up the great work!

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Pretty cool changes.
I just want to know if there is any change in pokemon X and Y compatibility.

Thanks to all developers for latest upgrade. And yes like all i wait for Pokémon X & Y.

Amazing,when will we be able to install DLCs tho? I’d really love to play SMT IV and Persona Q while having access to the DLC

It’s already possible. Just redump your DLC via GodMode9 as CIA & install it.

Since so many ask so oft, here’s the super not secret place to stare at daily for X/Y support:

Granted that’s just the foundation really for fixing the problem, but it’s likely nothing will happen until it happens there first. It’s also fun to watch Wylele talk to himself about problems occasionally >_>

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You guys are doing an amazing job. Im glad i started using Citra and it looks like you truly care about this product. Next paycheck hopefully i’ll be able to help you guys out on Patreon <3

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what an amazing update guys. thanks for the update

In citra’s update every thing is fine but the audio engine is the big problem

It doesn’t work for me,every time I install the CIA with the DLC,the game doesn’t read it at all,and nothing changes

Did you dump using the latest version of GodMode9? Older versions had a bug.

I am pretty excited for some of the features to come.(Don’t know if the custom texture means support Citra will allows us to rip textures from a game and mod them in the emulator, but at least it’s cool, and we will be getting NFC support, just hope it’s not exclusive to amiibos only, and it works for other NFC devices).

I can’t always cross my eyes while playing (I’m good at crossing my eyes to see it in 3D but only if the picture doesn’t move…). :stuck_out_tongue: I hope more 3D options will appear.

i hope there there will be more improvement for mac

thank you for all of this. I hope the Mic emulation will be implemented soon, because all the perfectly playable games which needs a mic, will be rendered unplayable instead without a mic.

I’m really glad for all these changes

I’m new to Citra,and now that I see how many updates there are,I’m really hoping on the microphone. You really do care about this project…Nobody seems to be wanting to make a 3DS Emulator at all…Luckily you appeared here to make it for us,I wish you the best of the luck into making this.

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I enjoyed playing Pokemon Moon, Ultra Sun and Alpha Sapphire using Citra. I hope X and Y will be playable soon.