Citra Progress Report - 2018 Q2

Only a small thing, previously it was possible to play Mario Golf.

Mario Golf in citra

Thank you, good work

Is there any plan to make it run on multiple cores or is that not possible? My PC will run anything out there including a PS3 emulator but bc my single core performance is a little low i cant run this very well.

Good day admins and moderators, i would like to suggest an option called “Ignore Format Reinterpretation” under the rendering. it is use by some unofficial citra builders. and it works really well it helps to run constant fps even with heavy graphics in 10x native resolution. (eg. Monster hunter games “when the dragon is roaring”). I hope you can notice this :frowning: Thanks to all the admins and mods!

This was actually added to a few older Canary versions, bit had to be dropped again. Also, unofficial builds aren’t supported here.