Citra Progress Report - 2019 Q1



I just want to say Thank You, to all the people that not just worked on this, but tested, and supported this wonderful emulator.
The Mic Bit/Byte thing made me giggle. The ; is the bane of my existence. So I know that feeling.

Thank you all.
-Lazy Bunny Kiera


I never thought my work would make it to a blog post. :smiley:

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savestates is not in the list :confused:

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I don’t suppose this has been fixed yet?

Seems the Android port video is dead at the moment, would definitely love to see it lol

View it on the desktop browser. For some reason, the video is broken for mobile browsers

Gotcha, and thanks for the update btw, I had a chat with bread a while back on Reddit, didn’t expect to hear anything till much later

And the UI looks great, seems like it’s going to be really intuitive right out the gate, expect nothing less

To everyone who had issues with broken videos, my apologies.
I’ve now replaced them with youtube embeds and they are now working as intended.

thank you nice update, though harvest moon ANB still freezing after inserting name :cry:

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Please fix Harvest Moon A New Beginning naming issues…


so now you can play pokemon x/y on nightly version?

Yep. minimum characters…

I have a problem, I try to emulate the amiibo.bin in the game of mario and luigi paper jam bros and it tells me that they contain data from another game and that I must delete the data to use the amiibo. Adding a function to edit the amiibo data could solve these problems. Thanks for your hard work and effort.

Can You Guys release early Access of android Build . I know its not fully developed Just Hyped .

Sorry @Tr_Yellow.

At this point, the official app is more of a skeletal shell. Meaning that the UI is barely functional, but the actual Citra core is missing from the app.

So, even if we gave you an early access build, it wouldn’t be able to play any games.

Would be really great if we can have textures replacement !

Just wanna say thank you for bringing this amazing emulator into being up to this point. Excited about the android port as well. Super excited. Cant wait !

Thanks for this Emu the best one ever!

one thing for the developers to keep in mind.

it will be great if there was a changelog for every update.

what has been changed/Altered,e.g speed increase for certain games or emulator, graphic fix, Action replay code support or fix, etc.

this will help for some people who wants to know what has been fixed

other than that, AWESOME work and keep it up!