Citra Progress Report - 2023 Q1



Hello! After update, my citra client crash after i try to load my save. I try to start a new game and create a new save-state and load this new save, but my client crashed again. How can I fix it? Ty guys!

The latest Citra Nightly (1867/1868) appears to have a crashing issue with loading save states, as well as with crashing with certain titles. Please use a previous Nightly build (1866) for now:

Download citra-windows-mingw-20230326-9ef4204.7z from Release nightly-1866 · citra-emu/citra-nightly · GitHub Extract it using winrar or 7zip. Then launch citra-qt(.exe) found inside of the extracted folder.


And yet still no 60 FPS support…

Games are hardcoded to run at 30fps. We can’t change a game engine through emulation. You can only do that through mods, and in cases where the game engine used technically supports it, you may be able to do so with a cheat code.

There is no universal way for us to change 30fps locked titles into supporting a higher refresh-rate unfortunately.

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Im glad to know that development is still going!!!

I will say this tho, since the 3ds store is down, more people will be flooding to your app.

But with that being said I hope everything is going well for all you guys!!


Some games don’t even run properly anymore, since you guys removed the option to overclock/underclock.

That is in Emulation > Configure > General > Debug now. It’s just been moved to a new location which is more fitting for that setting :slight_smile:

I still have the same problem, still crashing when I try to start my game, i hope it will be fixed in the next patch :pensive:

I can’t see where you’ve stated your problem before. If you’re experiencing issues with Citra, please open up your own support topic so that we can help you more efficiently.

I’m looking forward to getting CTGP-7 running!

I am very happy to read this news! Congratulations on all the progress and your project!

Vulkan will also be available for Windows and Linux right? Or only for the Android version?

All the best! Maybe soon I’ll get excited and try to help you with the progress of this emulator, since I know programming and would like to learn about it too ^^

Thank you for your support! Vulkan will be available on Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android. We just used Android to demonstrate it here :slight_smile:

Can the Vulkan Backend work on Steam Deck?

I wanna be able to capture authentic footage from the 2 Kirby games without it running like molasses the entire time

The Steam Deck uses Linux, so yes, it will work there :slight_smile:

Excuse me for being late, but i wanted to ask you if you could update the Citra android app so it runs on Android 13? Thanks!

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy A13.