Citra qt app works but not citra app

why does the citra app always start with a flash of the cmd prompt for a split second, but that’s it without actually launching the app, however citra qt always works to launch?

citra-qt.exe has the GUI frontend (what most users would use) while citra.exe doesn’t and uses commands only.

To clarify: Basically citra-qt is not the real emulator, it’s just a handy interface for you to set options, change games, etc. Whenever you choose a game from there, this interface executes the real emulator, citra.exe, with the selected game’s file path as one of the parameters this program needs. When you open citra.exe on your own, it crashes immediately because no parameters were given, and the cmd prompt closes right after.

You can read what happens at that crash by opening a cmd window yourself, navigating to your citra folder and executing citra.exe, as your cmd window won’t be closed. You can also execute a game from there, by doing something like this: '>citra.exe “C:\filepathtogames\game.3ds” ', though if you don’t also pass in your config file, it’ll run with all presets.

This is not true. Both, citra-qt and citra are the full emulator.

  • One contains a graphical user interface (citra-qt: user interface based on Qt)
  • One doesn’t (citra: contains a command line interface and uses SDL for its window).

You can delete citra.exe and citra-qt.exe will still work.

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