Citra-qt.exe opens, but crashes after entering file viewer

Specs: Intel i7-5820k @3.30 Ghz
2 GTX 970’s
Windows 10 Home 64 bit
Citra: (tried multiple, but currently d0bf7df)

I’m not sure why, but after I get citra-qt open, it seems to be working fine, until I navigate to file - load file.

The file viewer opens, and I have about half a second to see my files until I get the infamous “citra-qt.exe has stopped working”

I have had this problem once before with my mouse software while trying to get to the file viewer to load a profile. I don’t know if it is a setting that I have, or what, but i thought maybe someone smarter than me could take a stab at why it happens.

Also, I’m not sure what the difference between citra and citra-qt is, but I cant get regular citra to open at all, it just pops up the black system function box (cant think of the correct name) just long enough to see it was there, and then the whole program closes with no error message or anything.

the behavior you had with citra.exe is normal, there is no GUI in it, only QT has so use that in the future.

so just to test something can you drag and drop your rom to citra.exe or QT and see if it will start

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That actually seems to have done the trick. It must be something specifically wrong with my computer rather than the application. Lovely…

Thank you for the help. if anyone has a guess at why I can’t get file viewer to open without crashing some applications, I would love to hear it, but otherwise, my problem has been diagnosed.

there might be a software causing the explorer to crash, try disabling any programs running in the background and try again

The file browser crash is almost surely caused by some Explorer extension that’s misbehaving. Try running Autoruns, going to the Explorer tab and disabling some of the entries there. To make the changes take effect you’ll need to reboot or log out and then back in again. Do this until the crash stops happening. Once you’ve found the culprit you can re-enable everything and then maybe uninstall the problematic program.

You got it exactly right. I spent a few times disabling and testing and narrowed it down to two alien respawn icons.

I pasted the information on the file that is messing up the explorer.

DBRShellOverlayBackupFile DBROverlayIconBackuped
Softthinks SAS

c:\programfiles(x86) \alienrespawn\components\shell\dbroverlayiconbackuped.dll

12/17/2014 9:48 AM

AlienRespawn is the Alienware recovery program. If I were to leave this box unchecked in Autorun, do you know if that would cause any problems else wear? If you aren’t sure, I completely understand, I’m just so happy to be able to use the explorer function for a few programs that have been messing up the same way.

Thanks again for your help

Sorry, I don’t know how AlienRespawn works or it that’ll affect it. Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the program, or seeing if there’s an updated version.

the amount of people who keep complaining about alienware in both their hardware marketing and software, makes me wonder why people still buy things from them.