Citra Quit Unexpectedly - Big Sur (Mac)

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I have Citra downloaded and for whatever reason, it either loads the game once and then I get the “citra quit unexpectedly” error message or it doesn’t load at all, with the same error message.

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Citra does not officially support M1 Macs.

This is good to know! Is there any place I can check to see updated on whether M1 Macs will be supported?

You can keep track of our github page for that. However, I haven’t heard of any developer that is currently willing and able (has an M1 Mac) to create a port for this.

Ok, thank you for the info. I’ll still try and see if there’s any possible way to work it out. The game usually loads once after the initial download and then it crashes.

The M1 Macs can apparently load some games, when you disable the Disk Shader Cache. Though these games are apparently full of bugs, regardless of what other settings you have. Hence why we don’t really provide support for M1 Macs.

Ok, I will try to do that and see what happens. Thanks!

I disabled the disk shader cache but now I hear the audio without seeing anything. It loaded though, which is nice. Any possible fix so I can see the screens? (Thanks for all your help so far).

I discovered that it’s a Mac bug and resizing the window solves the issue! I will follow up with any other issues, if need be. Thank you!

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.