Citra runs beautifully on my new PC build i7-8700k rig

just want to say awesome job to everyone working hard on citra much appreciated , I am test running several games on my new pc build and so far citra is working flawlessly . Games that were laggy with my old pc now run almost as well as a 3ds. Thanks for all the hard work you guys rock :slight_smile:
gamedropswithpops gaming

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Super Mario 3D Land


Could you also test Majora’s Mask 3D? Can you run it at a high resolution and keep a steady 30FPS in Great Fairy “shrines” and boss rooms?

If yes, then that’s excellent!

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yes I can do that game soon :slight_smile:

Hi Spyro_Chris I test ran Majora’s Mask runs super smooth and looks great , will have to get into this game honestly never played it as much on my 3ds as I did during this test run. I think I have a great time with it :slight_smile:

Can you give us your FULL computer specs ? Laptop or desktop ?

hi I have a i7-8700k cpu
nvidia gtx 960 gpu
16 gb ddr4 ram
2 tb hdd