Citra runs but every game is 0fps

I thought you wanted to connect GDB with Citra and not a 2DS? I haven’t used GDB in a long time but I can check later.

It doesn’t matter, citra or 2ds is fine. But if gdb stops games from loading, Idk how to use it.

Citra is waiting for you to connect a debugger when you enable GDB Stub, so it will appear frozen until you do. If you are getting errors though then that is another thing.

If you enable Show Log Console (Windows Only in the debug tab, and after you connect the debugger, it should say Debug.GDBStub <Info> core/gdbstub/gdbstub.cpp:Init:1209: Client connected. in the console.
Then you can type in GDB like continue or c for short to continue.

This might help with your 2DS:

What is your goal?

My goal is to try to make some cheats, I don’t see how a debugger works.
I will look into it. Thanks for the help. :wink:

Hey man if you still have issue go to tools frame advance enable frame advancing