Citra shuts down during certain parts of Kirby Planet Robobot

The game runs smoothly, but Citra spontaneously shuts down at certain points, such as when completing level 1 of the 3D rumble minigame. Also, strange graphical glitches appear sometimes.

System Information

Diagnostic Log
citra_log.txt (41.1 KB)

In order to save a copy of the log, follow this guide:

Please update to Canary 2530 and try again.

Downloaded the Canary 2530 tar.gz file and the issues haven’t changed.

Please upload a new log file.

citra_log.txt (5.8 KB)

The log file is incomplete. Make sure you follow the steps carefully:

  1. Open Citra, then go to File>Open Citra Folder (Citra>Open Citra Folder if on MacOS) and open up the log folder. Now keep that open in the background.
  2. Launch your game and encounter the problem; crash/slowdown/glitch and close Citra if it doesn’t do so by itself. Do not restart Citra as that will wipe the log of important information!
  3. Now upload the log file in this chat.

citra_log.txt (23.4 KB)

I haven’t seen any updates in about 2 weeks. is there an issue?

Well, yes. We’ve confirmed that this is a bug in MoltenVK, not Citra. If you update to macOS 13.x or downgrade to 11.x, the issue disappears. We’ve reported it to MoltenVK, so hopefully they’ll be able to fix this soon.