citra slow with ''open'' internet

every time I play citra with the internet open on cable or wifi it loses fps. I have the pc similar to that of a friend intel corei3 graphics card intel graphics. in his normal 30fps wheel. What do you think it might be? Sorry for the english, I used the translator.

How far are you two located?

same house we are neighbors.

the problem is not online, but rather offline. whenever I am connected to the internet (wifi) my fps drops by half. I play the mhxx normally with 26-30fps, but when I remove the computer from airplane mode and the wifi connects my fps drops to 15-18.

Are you on a laptop? Are you using any kind of power settings that could be throttling Citra’s performance?

Yes. I do not think so, I use the configuration that came in it, it’s better performance.