Citra Speed (modified) unnoficial

what do you think about these emulators modified to “speed”? I just use the official so I not know if its better in performance and maybe these others have virus… if you use and have diference in performance can send me the official site, forum or something of the author to download?
and what site do you download 3DS roms to Citra?

Nope, you DON’T download roms, you DUMP roms to pc from your 3DS.
Nope, no support for unofficial build so you’re on your own for that.

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Most unofficial builds, including this one, are mainly dedicated to one game only (For example: Pokemon Sun/Moon) and completely destroy compatibility for all other games, because there are specific game patches for that game only.

Anyways, the Canary builds are now as fast as the unofficial builds.

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thank you for the reply :smiley: