Citra Suggestion: update logs

I have a suggestion to add to Citra, at the end of an update installation, they can give a detailed log as of what changed in the new version, this can tell people what they can expect to be hanged in the future aswell, along wit ha potential list of games that are now supported or can run better on average hardware

It’s not that that isn’t possible, it’s just that nobody wants to maintain that. Besides, almost all of the PRs that are merged have a description available on our github page. Anyone can check it out if they’re interested enough.

As for the latter part of your request, if there are any large scale changes that improve game compatibilty, an announcement will usually be made on the forums and our discord server.

ok, I didn’t know you did something like this on Github, ill have to check it out later, plus, I can also understand that it would be kind of annoying to have to maintain the update logs. thank you for your time