Citra System Requirements

I have an Intel Core i5-2320 CPU at 3GHz (Good for speed with games), 8GB RAM (Very good for 3DS & 2DS Emulation with that high of RAM), lacking OpenGL 3.3 as it’s an Intel Machine, Not a NVidia/ARM/AMD Machine but i have DirectX 11 & 12 Compatibility Pre-Installed with x86-64 architectures (Can run both 32-bit and 64-bit Programs at once as well as running both architectures sometimes) with Windows 10 x86-64 Combo, Will it support Intel Arc as well in the future for high end gaming with Intel users?

Your comment confuses me. But let’s go through it one by one I guess.

Depends on the games. At least for Citra, it’s good enough, though a bit below Citra’s minimum single thread rating (yours is around 1518, whilst at least 1800 is recommended)

Not sure what you mean by this. RAM is almost completely irrelevant and you absolutely don’t need that much for 3DS emulation. 4GB of slow DDR3 RAM would give you about the same performance. For 3DS emulation, the only important thing is having enough RAM to run the game. Performance isn’t a factor.

Then I’m assuming that you’re running on the integrated GPU of your i5-2320, which would be a Sandy Bridge iGPU. That indeed doesn’t support OpenGL 3.3 or Windows (it does on Linux through Mesa). Keep in mind though that from the next generation after Sandy Bridge (which is Ivy Bridge) Intel’s iGPUs do actually support OpenGL 3.3 and can therefore run Citra. Your comment makes it sound like none of Intel’s iGPUs do, which is incorrect.
As for supporting DirectX 11 and 12, I wasn’t aware that it supports 12, let along 11. Regardless, this doesn’t really mean anything for Citra as we don’t have a DirectX backend.

“Pre-installed” is a weird thing to say. It’s more, “engineered”. An x86 chip with a 64-bit Windows installation can always run 32-bit programs. So this is a bit of an unnecessary thing to say…

Intel users can already use Citra. In fact, most of our users are using intel iGPUs. As we don’t know anything about how the drivers of the new dedicated Intel Arc GPUs are going to be have yet, we can’t really comment on wether they’ll work without issues on launch. We’ll have to wait and see.