Citra System Username Too Short Inputs Log in Fail

Issue: Citra won’t allow me to log in because I can’t plot in my full username in the system layout of the configure setting.
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I’ve tried with other accounts, but still it won’t log me in when I enter my full username and token in Web. My Username is “Vincemanden”, which leaves me with “Vincemande” when I enter it in the system tab as Username. I’m 1 letter short of writing my full username, and I think that’s why I can’t log in. Can anyone help?

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  • Game: Pokemon Ultra Moon
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You need to enter your account username and token in the settings window.

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@Vincemand See this. You are supposed to enter your forum account username and token under here. Here upto 36 chars are allowed for username.

I think you are confusing yourself with another Username - that’s under 3DS System settings. Here only 10 chars are allowed (as it is same limit in 3DS)