Citra themes help

I know this is in the wrong subject but that’s because I’m playing on a DS Emulator right now, but there is a themes option in Citra for Android devices (not sure about Windows maybe there is something similar to this) but it’s regarding some themes that don’t work properly such as the New 3DS theme or the official Citra MMJ theme there’s only one or two themes that will work in this regard the Nintendo NX or switch theme and the default emulator theme is there any way to make the other two themes work? And if so what can I do to workaround this error? Citra devs I need answers. Thank you

Citra Android and Citra desktop do not have custom themes yet. You’re referring to an unofficial Citra build, which according to the community rules you agreed to, aren’t to be discussed here. Please direct your support request to the relevant party.

which one?, and I’ve already fixed the issue so I don’t need anymore help.

Citra MMJ is an unofficial Citra build.

Miscellaneous? That’s were I should post this at?

You shouldn’t post this anywhere on the forums at all. Like I said, Citra official does not have any sort of “themes”. And discussion related to unofficial builds here is not allowed (check the community guidelines if you’re confused about that).