Citra UWP Windows 10/Xbox One

Hello, are there plans to port Citra to a UWP version for Windows 10? Once achieved this would be easily executable on Xbox One X … Greetings.

no, i don’t think any of this works this way

A UWP version has never been considered.

Then … consider it! :wink:

The Xbox’s UWP doesn’t support self modifying code, which Citra uses. No real point in porting to UWP on Windows - too much maintenance, and would likely violate their TOS, meaning that we couldn’t distribute it on their platform.

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DevMode exists and is quite easily accessible.

Doesn’t matter if we cannot run Dynarmic on the platform. Xbox would be way too slow without it.

Xbox One X run perfect PSX, PSP and N64 emulator. Why citra no? There is a NDS emulator run very well, it is RetriX. Check it. :slight_smile:

The Xbox One CPU is extremely weak compared to modern systems. It’s a 5+ year old architecture with weak single core performance. Games would run horribly slow on this type of machine. Not to mention OpenGL bindings may not be available.
It’s not worth for the development complexity and expense to port to that platform.

As an open source project, citra can be modified by anyone that wants to, but this is a double edged sword. This means that there is no one that has to work on what someone asks for, and no one wants to work on this. If someone wants to make this port a reality, theres nothing stopping them (besides their own sanity perhaps), and they are welcome to do what they want. But asking “why doesn’t citra do X” is kinda strange, since no one has a task list that they must follow. Each developer decides what they want to do and then they do it.

it would be possible actually some one with a Mx150 was running Luigi’s mansion dark moon its slow tough the Mx150 is worse than the xbox ones gpu the xbox one has an 8 core cpu base model xbox one 1.75ghz would be possible