Citra vs cemu in terms of progression

i am amazed on how cemu progress every month with new features every release and improve compatability from time to time… but citra on the other hand doesnt have new features every month, and some of the unplayable games remain unplayable and doesnt improve compatability a great example is hyrule warriors and pokemon x, also installing DLC and update is possible in cemu but not in citra…

what are the devs working right now on citra?? will we expect better changes to citra by the end of this month?

First of all, Cemu is “paid”,developers receive donations and do their job, that’s why a updates every mounth, but, aparently in this past mounth the developers don’t did a big news freatures and a lot of people get out of their Patreon.

Citra is totally open-source, and developers did all for free, but all this people have a life, and can’t dedicate all the time for Citra, I follow Citra development, I think, since 2014 in the GBATemp forum, long 4 years and i’m really suprised by the advanced of project, I really thought it would take longer to get to play with a good fps in computers nor so powerful in such a short time.

Yes Citra have donations too, but that’s a not like Cemu use donations, not like “you donate, for me do my work”, it’s more for “if you like our work, you can donate”, Cemu does not is wrong for do that, it’s the way their developers want to work, but Citra not follow this way.

And IDK about Hyrule Warriors, but if is the same problem what have in Pokémon XY, one developer is working for fix. it’s a problem with sound drive (in Pokémon XY).


as far as I know, cemu is a Wii u emulator

it is very different from the 3ds
if u know a better “3DS” emulator tell us otherwise it does not matter.


can u do better than the Citra devs?

if u cant, shut up, if u can, do so.

Let’s not be so hostile towards people, okay?

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