Citra Was Unable Locate the 3DS Shared Fonts Error I know the solution but In my mac I'm unable to find some folders



When trying to run the pokemon omega game I get the error many other people got(Unable Locate the 3DS Shared Fonts Error)
I found the solution in the faqs and also in this [Mod Edit: Link Removed] there’s a section explaining how to solve the issue and i downloaded the files I needed
My problem is that in my Mac i can’t find the Local file even after I make hidden files visible.
Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong or try to describe the process in the most step by step(for dummies) way.
plz help ty

System Information

Diagnostic Log

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The shared font is a system file and is therefor copyrighted. Linking to it is against community rules.

See user directory wiki. If it’s not in ~/.local/share/citra-emu/ then it should be in ~/.config/citra-emu/.