Citra with Controller support?

you can use joytokey to map your keyboard into your controller

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That worked so much easier than I thought it would! Thank you so much!

Are there any free alternatives though?

A quick google search would provide multiple programs that accomplish this. ScpToolkit, DS4Windows, inputmapper, etc. Take your pick, try each out to see which works best for you. I can’t recommend one or vouch for any as I don’t use Playstation controllers.

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Recent Bleeding Edge builds contains controller support, but not that easy to use. You can’t configure it in the input configuration window. You need to manually edit the ini file instead. Open config/qt-config.ini under the user directory, find the [Input] section and replace the text below with


Note: the configuration above is for XBox controller. For other controllers like PS3 or PS4, you need to change the ID numbers after "button:". You need to figure out the right number for your controller yourself

For more info:


someone else just mentioned launching citra from steam’s big picture mode to obtain its controller support.

This doesn’t work for me. I’ve got Bleeding Edge Build, my pad is detected in apps like joytokey, x360ce or dolphin but nothing is detected in Citra.

This is not a real xbox pad but as long as it’s detected, it should works right ?

EDIT : I used an other pad and it worked. Some pads doesn’t work.

I personally use and a Xbox 360 controller and it works fine.

I don’t want to use XBOX 360 controller because I hate it. I only have PS3 and PS3 controllers. They works great with my every emulators on Mac. I would like to try them for Citra.

The software I mentioned in my previous post will allow you to use any controller you want. However Citra now has integrated controller support, just no GUI for it yet.

Strange that you prefer the PS3 controller, most people I speak to will pick the 360 one over them. Personally I never got on with the PS1/2/3 controller, the PS4 isn’t too bad though.

GUI support is about 1-3 years away. I’m thinking of just writing out a separate program tonight that maps your controller to that file.

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I’ve already did:

And you’re wrong about the GUI for the configuration, wwylele is already working on it (some users, including me, already tested it and I can say is “almost ready”, just need some minor fixes).

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Seriously. Very nice work.

Singed up just to thank you!
It worked for me, thanks :slight_smile:

@diedly_doo: I didn’t think anyone would still use / look at such old topics.

Here is a newer tutorial topic to collect all info about configuring controllers

F*ck windows. I need a version for mac. Thanks… also, re: the GUI being “almost ready”. It’s been 2 months. I guess another year or so to take care of “minor fixes”.

You’re free to help in development, this is an open source project after all.

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he decided to work on other things like fixing broken graphics in monster hunter, new super mario bros 2, among other changes. its not like the author is doing nothing, but sometimes you lose interest in a project and put it off.

example: keyboard support. i wrote that back in december… and never finished it… and honestly i probably won’t get around to it for a while since i don’t feel like it yet.


Seems odd that he decided to move on when it was almost done and many people want it.

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