CITRA with speed average on my laptop

As said in the title, I have a problem with the speed (I have the same proobleme as another person). When I load my pc, the game at the what the game is working 100%, but once discharged, begins it is 50%. Yet, I have a good laptop: i7-7000
Help me please

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

put your system specs and log. probably related:

The person who found it, did not say how he did, I think

the best you can you for now is to look at the nvidia control panel and try to find that setting.

When you are using your laptop while charging the processor speed goes to 100% but when you unplug it the processor speed depends on how much the laptop needs processing power maybe sometimes 50% or lower, on windows 10 you can try to click on battery icon near the wifi icon, then slide the bar to best performance, mine was working upto 99 to 98% when using this method

What game are you running?

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros

It ? : image
I didn’t touch anything for now

Alright. So the application suddenly closes??

why dont u try disabling only “enable hardware shader”.
Also make sure “enable shader JIT” is turned on.

I must do it where ?

Go to emulation menu in the citra application. There go to “configure” and then go to graphics and the make the changes I told u.

If this method works, just let me know.

When I disabling only “enable hardware shader” and also make sure “enable shader JIT” is turned on.
It still does not work, I can’t run the game and Citra comes off after a few seconds

Have you tried any other games?

Than of Mario & Luigi

Help me please, I have need help