Citra's Priority: Performance or Accuracy?

3DS is a handheld system, and it would make sense that the CPU power required to emulate it is less than that of console emulators like Cemu, but the fact is, most of my games now run at around 30-40FPS while my WiiU games can run at 60FPS on Cemu. Citra is also two years older than Cemu.

Earlier I saw a post elsewhere about how Citra is focusing on accuracy of the games but not the performance. When I thought about it, it makes sense–Games run smoothly on Cemu but often function abnormally, whereas Citra’s performance is often unbearable but the games run correctly. But I still can’t make judgements based on these information.

If that’s true, then standing at the point of view of a user, I think at this point, maybe Citra should pause a bit and clean up the performance before improving on accuracy. But I don’t know how the developers planned the road ahead for Citra, so I’m only suggesting, not criticizing.

So, is it that the emulated CPU for Citra is just impossible to improve, or is it that performance issues are ignored and accuracy issues are taken care of instead?

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First of all: Stop comparing Citra to Cemu. Period. The Wii U and the 3DS are completely different consoles with different hardware.

Second: Yes, Citra’s priority is accuracy first, performance second. If you watch Citra’s GitHub (probably don’t), then you would see that a lot of little performance / speed PRs were merged recently. And that’s not all, because there’s more to come. I personally didn’t expect for the devs to suddenly care about optimization, but here we are.

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thats not how emulation works :slight_smile: the cpu emulation in citra is only something like 10% of frametime in my testing. Most of the time is spent on emulating the 3ds GPU, which is a complicated piece of hardware that doesn’t match up well with how a desktop gpu works. the gpu is a custom chip made by a japanese hardware company with no public documentation about how it works, so the people working on citra have to reverse engineer to figure out how it works. cemu isn’t the first wii u emulator, so it has the added benefit that they could base their emulation off the research efforts of decaf. exzap’s done a bunch of other work in research obviously, but he doesn’t share his code or research, so its not really advancing the wii u scene :frowning:

honestly i would really appreciate some attempt to optimize. im running in a good pc and averaging about 15 fps or around 40% speed. not playable at that speed

We don’t know your so called “good system”, nor the game you’re playing. There will be huge speed increases, especially for those who have a dedicated GPU, in a few months.

You can also try Citra’s Canary version if you haven’t tested it already.

I tried it and it works better on my desktop. But it’s kind of inconsistent. Might try canary. Thanks